Youth Fellowship group


To present the youth perfect before Christ


To proclaim Christ, through teaching and warning every youth in all wisdom while building a strong relationship with God.


The youth fellowship group has 200 registered members. Members are classified and identified under the following age brackets.

1. 25yrs – 35 yrs- Rangers group

2. 19yrs – 24 yrs ABC {All because of Christ }

3. 13yrs – 18 yrs GT {Glorious teens }

Group Activities

The group comes together for fellowship, encouragement and mentorship. Their main activity includes:-Vocational bible studies, Seminars, camps & Workshops, Worship Team, Concerts, Games, Retreats, Youth choir, Leading the services during the youth week Sunday and operates snacks shop.


The youth executive meets on the first Sunday of the month; the Parish youth fellowship committee holds their meeting on the second Sunday of the month. The youth patron is supposed to attend all the meetings, listen to the deliberations and give guidance on the church policy .He is also required to approve the budget and group expenditure.

The meetings are convened by the Chairman and the secretary in collaboration with the youth coordinator.

The leadership hierarchy

The youth patron is the main link between the Kirk session and the church youth fellowship group. The holder of this position works closely with the youth coordinator and the Parish Minister in ensuring that all administrative and policy matters of the church are implemented by the group. The patron also doubles up as the mentorship team patron. T

· Parish minister

· Youth patron

· Youth coordinator

· Parish youth fellowship officials

· District representatives

· Age groups representatives