Name of the group: Evangelism.

When was the group started? Around 1998.

How do people join the group?

(a) Through district visits.

(b) Through new believers class

(c) Through other various activities like:-

(i) Revivals

(ii) Door to door/mission

(iii) Conventions

(iv) Crusades e.t.c.

A. projects/activities done

(a) Purchasing dias

(b) Purchasing public address system & keyboard

B. Activities

  • New believers class
  • NLTC (New Life training curriculum)
  • Revivals
  • Missions
  • Visits
  • Seminars
  • conventions
  • keshas
  • Holy week
  • crusades
  • Nendeni week
  • The way forward
  • Looking forward to fulfill the church mission.