At PCEA Kariobangi South Church/Parish Justice, Peace and Reconciliation Committee (JPRC) was started way back in the year 2000.


To evolve a congregation that can make informed choices on social, political, economical and religious matters bringing them closes to the Government and the Government closes to them.


To work together with other members of the congregation to attain a peaceful co-existence between the church, society and the Government.


To enlighten the people so that they can make informed choices on matters affecting their daily lives.

To enlighten the people on the role and responsibilities of the Government.

To enlighted the people on their rights, duties and responsibilities as citizen and to demystify the separations of the church and the state, so that the members can see them working together for a common good.


Guided by the above core objectives, the TPRC at Karibangi South PCEA has been what can be termed as “Rapid Response Team” according to what the issue at hand may require.


Since it inception, civic education has been one of the areas that JPRC has adequately responded to during the past two General elections (2002 2007),and also during the process of preparing the new constitution which was promulgated last year (2010). This has involved inviting to Kariobangi South PCEA church prominent lawyers, provincial administration civic leaders to have a one on one talk with the congregation.


The JPRC has also been in the forefront on the campaign on preservation of habitable environment. These have been carried out through and during the JPRC annual day where the members participate in clean – up exercises within and around the church compound, by planting trees and flowers (beautification).The Landmark success was the removal of the garbage at the entrance to the church (next to the council market) which was an eye sore on 20th May, 2006.


In the year 2005, JPRC invited officials from the Nairobi Water Company to educate the congregation on the issues of water billing and the proper use water to avoid wastage.


This took place between 19th – 24th February 2010. The mission was organized by Nairobi East Presbytery JPRC. The main objective of the visit was to learn first hand the challenges faced by Rwanda people during and after the April, 1994 genocide.


As mentioned earlier, JPRC responds as need arise, thus, they have been called upon when there is security issues, car parking arrangements, supervise group elections in our church, draught mitigation but putting up a stop-gap measure water tank (10,000 ltrs) and so on.


In the month of March, 2011 JPRC (K/South) launched the first paralegal class which was successfully carried out and the “learned friends” will be graduating before the turn of this year.


When Kenyans held this General Election in December 2007, the presidential results were disputed. This led to violent, ethical classes in some parts of the country leading to deaths and displacements of families from their farms (settlements). This resulted to what is now being referred to as IDPS.

The JPRC (Kariobangi South PCEA) saw the plight of those IDPs and resolved to assist the IDPs camped at Ruringu Stadium. On ……………….. the JPRC went to Ruringu – Nyeri with cloths and foodstuff to distribute to the IDPs camped there.