The origin of Presbyterian Church men fellowship (PCMF) can be traced way back to the General Assembly of 1973, resolution 1154. However this resolution on the idea of beginning of the matters pertaining to men was not accepted until the General Assembly of 1987 revived the matter of establishing the men’s organization under minutes 3835. It has been realized that the majority of church men, apart from those who are deacons or elders did not have a recognized from or spring board from which their individual and corporate contributions could be utilized in the church.

The aim of forming a new organization as stipulated in the GA of 1973 resolution was:

  • Bringing men together
  • Be united Christian force
  • For fellowship

For exchange of ideas concerning matters of faith, witness and service to Jesus Christ and other men.

Exploiting their talents in serving God.

The PCMF has since become an appropriate avenue where men are able to re-examine their faith in Jesus Christ, their witness and service to God and for fellowship. The fellowship endeavors to be men’s united force in matters covering faith, witness and service to god and to glorify Him at al levels of church life, by participating in church activities as individuals and also to the community and nation.

PCMF Vision: Spiritual Maturity of Man and service to the glory of God

PCMF Mission: To be United Christian force of Men for faith witness and Service to Jesus Christ.

PCMF Values: Integrity faithfulness, commitment, humility, passion and zeal.

Motto: Never lacking in zeal be fervent in spirit serving the Lord with a heart full devotion (roman 12:11).


The year 1999 marked the beginning of the PCMF in PCEA Kariobangi South Parish. This was initiated by the parish Kirk session. Earlier attempts to launch the fellowship were not successful. However, one Sunday during the service, men were asked by the then Chairman of the Congregation Board, elder Henry Ndung’u to remain behind after the service for a brief meeting. During the brief meeting Elder Ndungu asked the me to quickly elect the first PCMF committee.Mr Philip Munyua was elected as the first Chairman. This marked the beginning of PCMF in PCEA Kariobangi South parish. At the beginning there were a number of teething problems. However, through the efforts and determination of this first committee led by Mr Munyua, PCMF took root in PCEA Kariobangi South Parish. Currently there are 244 PCMF members.


The first committee organized retreats where speakers would be invited to speak on issues relating to men.

Prayers breakfasts for men were held during which the parish minister taught on issues relating to men.

Bible studies were organized.

A singing ministry for men 9PCMF CHORI) was formed. This choir sings in our church every Sunday. The choir also travels on missions to other churches to preach and also to encourage other men.

PCMF started projects such a slighting of the church compound, installing of dustbins in the construction in the compound of the gate house and the construction of high level water tank.

PCMF visits widows, orphanage homes, the bereaved and the sick in the districts.

PCMF has undertaken to pay secondary school fees for a needy bright boy called Bosco Oludhe Owino who is at Pumwani High School.

A PCMF journal was launched and a number of issues are out.


The following are the current PCMF officials.

Parton : Elder Stephen Kinyua Wang’ombe

Chairman : James Kamua Kang’ethe

Vice- Chairman : James Mwangi Nyaga

Secretary : Wilson Kanyi Wanjiri

Treasuerer : Paul Kaigguire Kiberenge

Vice- Secretary : Edward Mwangi Gatundu

Vice-Treasurer : James Muiruri Wainana