Developing a positive attitude to learning is an asset for life.

Developing a positive attitude to learning is an asset for life. An early years education programme that allows a child to take their first steps on their educational journey with enthusiasm, pleasure and confidence is something that we feel is most fundamental. All our young learners develop within a happy, secure and purposeful learning environment. We provide the highest possible standard of education to every child in this phase of the school.

This is therefore at the heart of our approach towards the early development of all children in our school. Every child is valued as an individual and as part of the wider school community. Our accessible programme of learning is invigorating, relevant, engaging, exciting and challenging to each pupil and which fosters their development.

  We prepares children for learning in their future school career. Foundation Stage curriculum is based on the belief that children learn best through play, active learning and talk. All areas of learning are connected to one another and are equally important.
Our Early Years Team welcomes you, and together we promise to make your child’s early learning years truly memorable as they study alongside the rest of the PCEA Kariobangi South family.

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